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About 3D Construction

Since 2004, 3D Construction has developed a reputation for the highest quality construction and service. Our goal is to create spaces that will enrich our client’s lives, a place where memories are formed and shared throughout the years. By keeping up with the latest trends and advances in the industry, we can ensure the result our client’s envision.

3D Construction is committed to providing the highest quality construction and service at the most efficient and economical level for the benefit of all parties. Our hands-on approach to building keeps us sharp and competitive. We employ innovative construction techniques which bring a distinct style and high level of quality to all of our projects.

3D Construction Services

Services we offer include but not limited to:















3D Construction specializes in hospital work and we meet hospital standard codes while being capable of working in an operational hospital setting without disturbing patients or staff.

Please contact DCS for any Residential Work.


Our Team

Our staff is courteous, hardworking, and only satisfied when we’ve exceeded our client’s expectations. This unified team approach from design to construction provides a single source of responsibility and accountability for the entire project, thereby saving both time and money.

Andrew Daniel


Andrew started 3D Construction in 2004. He has nearly 14 years of experience as a professional construction Supervisor/Manager. In this time frame, he has been given complex projects, and taken them from concept to fully operational status. He is very goal oriented with strong leadership capabilities. Andrew is a proven problem solver, who can work in unison with his staff. He personally oversees all job projects and communicates daily with his project managers and supervisors.

Daniel Hart

Administrative Manager

Daniel has been with 3D Construction since May 2015. Daniel maintains an open line of communication with the supervisors and project managers to accurately prepare work authorizations and invoices. Daniel also manages the equipment inventory as well as assist project managers. Daniel maintains the Human Recourses department to insure our team is safe and well informed at all times. Daniels communication and organizational skills are vital to the smooth operations of the company.

Jason Bixman

Product Distributor

Jason joined the 3D Construction crew August 2016. He is responsible for distributing material and equipment to each project site. He keeps the shop, equipment, and yard organized and clean. He also does maintenance work to equipment and vehicles as needed.

Ronald Lockhart

Project Manager

Ron has been with 3D Construction since May 2008. Ron is very goal oriented with strong leadership skills and is able to handle very complex projects. He realizes that our company’s main goal is to make the client happy and to treat them, as he himself, would like to be treated. Ron takes the time to become familiar with each project, takes time to communicate with each client, and ensures that everyone is focused towards a productive and satisfying end result. Ron’s determination and drive has contributed to 3D Construction’s success over the years.

Mark Freeland

Project Manager

Mark joined our team in June 2016. Mark currently supervises a new construction project at Marietta Memorial Hospital. Upon completion of this project, he will continue to supervise various other projects with 3D Construction. He has become an asset to 3D Construction in the short amount of time he has been with our team, and will continue assisting in the growth and development through the coming years.

Bennie B. Kerns

Project Manager

Bennie has been with 3D Construction in April 2013. Bennie has taken the title of Project Supervisor on several projects when needed. This does not take away from his years of carpentry in a safe and timely manner for 3D Construction. He understands the schedules, materials, and equipment needed to complete a project successfully. With his liked personality, Bennie keeps his fellow construction workers on their toes and productive at all times.

John Ruth

Project Manager

John is the newest employee at 3D Construction LLC, starting in October 2018. He has several years experience in project management and plans to use that experience to assist 3D Construction exceed expectations.

Laura Bibbee

Executive Manager

Laura joined 3D Construction LLC in February 2018 to remodel the office’s accounting and project management systems. Since her hire date she has been a valuable asset with her hard work and excellence in organization.

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